Roz and the Rice Cakes - Devotion

Ever since the band’s inception, Roz and the Rice Cakes has been a quintessential Providence college outlet that breathes fire into DIY indie rock. Singer and keyboardist Roz Raskin, drummer Casey Belisle, and guitarist Justin Foster formed the band shortly after meeting at Rhode Island College back in 2009. They’ve been at it for enough years to have a routine. So, as usual, the trio wrote a few songs to prep for their newest studio album sessions. When it came time to record, however, things shifted dramatically for the better—though at the time they had no idea know what was about to happen.

It all began when engineer, co-producer, and friend Bradford Krieger invited them to record their next album in Big Nice Studio, a new recording studio opening in Rhode Island. Roz and the Rice Cakes were one of the first sessions the studio had. The studio, relatively untouched at the point, was their playground. Thanks to Krieger’s openness, the band began goofing around on synthesizers—a sound that became the vital crux of Devotion, their newest record, out this Friday on Team Love Records.
— Nina Corcoran, Dig Boston

Soft Fangs - Fractures

Soft Fangs’ new album, Fractures, brings a feeling of spatial closeness. John Lutkevich plays every instrument on this record, but there is something about Lutkevich’s voice that feels like he’s singing directly to you in a small room. It may be the whispery intonation of his voice that brings this on. Although some of these songs have a softer acoustic quality, Lutkevich is able to transition into a sound that is reminiscent of label mates Horse Jumper of Love. Some of the quieter tracks have a country-esque sound to them, such as the piano driven “Apple Picking,” or the organ that is being played on the closing track, “We Don’t Live Together Anymore.” A major theme throughout this record is the feeling of hunger. Soft Fangs’ new album, Fractures, is a wonderful rock record that makes you think about the current state of food security as well as economic security and other current social issues.
— Charles Hoyt, Post-Trash

All Talk - S/T

After recording their last EP, upstairs/downstairs, in a Brighton apartment, the members of All Talk were ready to get back into a large studio to work on their new self-titled full-length release. Band members, Tim Mensel (bass, vocals), Cole Maxwell (guitar, vocals) and Dan Shapiro (drums) ended up choosing Big Nice studio in Lincoln, RI as their base of operations. The space this studio provided lent itself well to the sound of the new record.

As Mensel put it, “Big Nice has 30 foot high ceilings so a lot of the character of our new record comes from working the natural sounds of that room.” This more open space is clear as day on Maxwell’s guitar work – often hopping from groovy arpeggios to jangly riffs. It also shines through in moments like the downtempo, calming close to “Endless Love is a Mantra” and the gentle guitar bounces of “Habit of Living.”
— Harry Gustafson, Allston Pudding