Soft Fangs - Fractures

Soft Fangs’ new album, Fractures, brings a feeling of spatial closeness. John Lutkevich plays every instrument on this record, but there is something about Lutkevich’s voice that feels like he’s singing directly to you in a small room. It may be the whispery intonation of his voice that brings this on. Although some of these songs have a softer acoustic quality, Lutkevich is able to transition into a sound that is reminiscent of label mates Horse Jumper of Love. Some of the quieter tracks have a country-esque sound to them, such as the piano driven “Apple Picking,” or the organ that is being played on the closing track, “We Don’t Live Together Anymore.” A major theme throughout this record is the feeling of hunger. Soft Fangs’ new album, Fractures, is a wonderful rock record that makes you think about the current state of food security as well as economic security and other current social issues.
— Charles Hoyt, Post-Trash