Roz and the Rice Cakes - Devotion

Ever since the band’s inception, Roz and the Rice Cakes has been a quintessential Providence college outlet that breathes fire into DIY indie rock. Singer and keyboardist Roz Raskin, drummer Casey Belisle, and guitarist Justin Foster formed the band shortly after meeting at Rhode Island College back in 2009. They’ve been at it for enough years to have a routine. So, as usual, the trio wrote a few songs to prep for their newest studio album sessions. When it came time to record, however, things shifted dramatically for the better—though at the time they had no idea know what was about to happen.

It all began when engineer, co-producer, and friend Bradford Krieger invited them to record their next album in Big Nice Studio, a new recording studio opening in Rhode Island. Roz and the Rice Cakes were one of the first sessions the studio had. The studio, relatively untouched at the point, was their playground. Thanks to Krieger’s openness, the band began goofing around on synthesizers—a sound that became the vital crux of Devotion, their newest record, out this Friday on Team Love Records.
— Nina Corcoran, Dig Boston