A Very Allston Christmas Vol. 4

We had another excellent time this year tracking songs for A Very Allston Christmas! We did tracks with Alexander, Night Nurses, Eggy Benedict, and All Talk. Studio friends and alumni Saccharine, Mountainess, Katsu, Ant Savino, magic magic., Shit Whitman, Modern Painters, and Holiday Music also made appearances.

All proceeds go to Bridge Over Troubled Waters in Boston.

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If you aren’t already hip to it, go on over to Spotify and check out the Big Nice Studio official playlist! It has most of the work we’ve done that’s currently available on Spotify at the moment. That includes things we’ve produced, mixed, mastered, and everything in between. Go discover something new and make sure to tell yer friends about it :)

LOOKERS - Mirage

Described as a dark-pop supergroup, Lookers spin sharp and nuanced numbers around vocalist Muggs Fogarty’s broad technical range. From the soft and subdued croons of “Thing” to the raspy howls of dance punk closer “Dead,” the singer possesses the ability to quickly shift moods to match the musical energy of Florence Wallis’ punchy basslines and Bryan Fielding’s airtight percussion.
— Patrick Pilch, Post-Trash

Alexander - Settle Down

There’s a nuance to each song, an understanding of space and texture, the vocals stretching over warped bedroom psych and art-pop diversions. It’s lush and consistently gorgeous, Alexander’s layered compositions bolstering their confessional lyrics. Every moment is effective, whether in earnest or disorientation, it’s the blending of the two in songs like “Strange Time” and “Capable” that really locks in. Slow-dripped shoegaze, full of bent tones and ringing warble, the former is stunning and unpredictable, a song that’s apologetic and caterwauling. “Capable,” the album’s first single, on the other-hand takes a twangier approach, a folk spirit that soars at the core as he laments on “finding ways to escape happiness.”
— Dan Goldin, Post-Trash

Saccharine - Hollow Space

King has teamed up with Disposable America once more to release the second Saccharine album, Hollow Space. Looking set to continue the immersive sincerity of previous releases, the record serves as an exploration of hope within dark times, finding meaning and grace in situations where such features might first appear absent. “Hollow Space explores the idea of change, both physical and mental,” King explains. “It confronts the idea that in nothing there will always be something.
— Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

Through the Night: A Collection of Lullabies from Rhode Island Artists

Today my label with Ant Savino, Forever Endeavor, releases “Through the Night: A Collection of Lullabies from Rhode Island Artists.” (rilullaby.bandcamp.com) All proceeds go to RAICES, a non-profit providing legal support for families separated at the border. So many of us are sleepless in the face of these real monstrosities.

We sing these lullabies for the fearful child, for the helpless adult. When the light has gone out, a loving voice can be our guide through the night.

Many wonderful local artists came together and gave freely of their talent to make this collection come to life. The knowledge that I live amongst this community helps me sleep a little better at night.
— Emily Goldstein

"In troubled times, when even the crickets have gone quiet, a lullaby is meant to soothe the worried mind. We sing for the fearful child, for the helpless adult. When the light has gone out, a loving voice can be our guide through the night."

Bilge Rat - Pals

“Cupio,” the album’s second single is on the more restrained side of their new experimental focus, instead opting for monolithic walls of distortion and ever off-kiltered rhythmic attacks that pound away under the most blistering of guitars. The song starts casual enough, a slowcore indebted introduction crawls forward, bursting with squalls of bleeding guitars, the song relying on it’s various textures to color in otherwise grayed picture. They twist and scrape with cascading drum feels and enraged feedback roaring against one another, building into an ever chaotic whirlwind of controlled fury and paint peeling bliss.
— Dan Goldin, Post-Trash

The Hempsteadys - Séance Séance!

My first thought when I heard that The Hempsteadys were releasing Séance! Séance! was that this is going to be the party album of the fall. The self described P-Funk of Street Punk are known for their super high energy ska and reggae, as proven on their last album El Amor de Los Muertos, a rocksteady opera from 2015.

Much to my surprise Séance! Séance! opens with “Still Life With Woodpecker” and “Compass” a pair of songs that are reminiscent of 1372 Overton Park from Lucero, hard driving barroom rock with a horn section that delivers a punch. This sets the stage for the expectations from the rest of the album. Gone are the conceptual operatic love songs about monsters, here are heartfelt lyrics layered over hard driving rhythms with soaring guitars and a horn section that knows when to strike. “Classic Cars,” “Ghost of Joe Strummer” and “The Well” showcase this sound with surgical precision.

— Dying Scene

NOVA ONE - secret princess

Playing all the instruments on show, including drums for the first time, the Nova One makes an immediate impact, Raskin’s voice as mood-soaked and maudlin as ever before as it rolls gently over the plain-stated but perfectly placed instrumentation that certainly crafts the aforementioned moody atmosphere; the whole piece akin to some late-night paean to the dimly lit bars that this kind of lulling heartache so compellingly evokes.
— Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

Lilith - I'll Come Over // In Real Life

Their new single, “I’ll Come Over,” is more crystal-cut than anything on their EP. Liuzzo and Francis echo each other over lurching guitars, while Demirjian’s drumming pounds away, supporting the doodads and drop-outs that pepper the song, from chimes to squeaks to gently building harmonies. It’s confident and catchy and a little defiant, as they search for the middle ground between upholding someone’s personal accountability and outright forgiveness.
— James Rettig, Stereogum

Sibylline - SPACE

Hannah Daman is the songwriter and lead singer of Sibylline. She plays a big echo-y acoustic and cuts a very unassuming profile until she’s behind the mic, a confident performer with, despite her young appearance, years of playing in bands domestically and abroad under her belt. Sabine and Martelle take the lead on violin and mandolin, respectively, and both hold down delicious, feminine three-part harmonies with Daman, a gilded, golden cage for this rare songbird.
— Victoria Karol, Portland Phoenix

Tuxis Giant - Here Comes the Wolf

If there was an album to pack for a road trip, Tuxis Giant’s “Here Comes the Wolf” would be a must-bring. Maybe the minimalistically inspired album artwork, a photo of an outstretched road, surrounded by empty, barren fields and a hazy, ambient violet sky inspires this thought. Comprised of Matt O’Connor on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Regan on bass and piano, and James Steinberg on percussion, Tuxis Giant sounds like freedom, clean sheets in the wind, yoga in the park, and some serious self-reflection. “Here Comes the Wolf” is melancholy yet whimsical, forlorn yet bright, and expels pure clarity at every turn.
— Mary Menzemer, Boston Hassle

Clever Girls - Luck

Perhaps most noticeable about the new record is its heaviness. Loose Tooth was hefty, too, both emotionally and sonically. But it was a bit manic. Luck feels more even-keeled and lands solidly in grunge and shoegaze territory. Hardly a trace remains of the alt-country-ish strains of its predecessor. The group also makes some bold compositional and structural choices, which are further evidence of its cohesion.
— Jordan Adams, Seven Days

Christmas Recording Session

We just wrapped up our second annual Christmas compilation recording session. Every year our friend Connor puts out “A Very Allston Christmas,” featuring artists from in and around Allston, MA. This year our friend Rich Ferri tagged along to shoot some promotional material for us, check the video:

We recorded tracks with Lilith, All Talk, Eggy & the California Flowers, and our very own Night Nurses and (our namesake moniker) Big Nice. We had a bunch of help from Kevin of Saccharine, thanks bud! Check out what we did below:

Courtney Swain - Growing Pains

Courtney’s newest EP, Growing Pains, is her opportunity to strip away the complex arrangements and theatrics, and focus purely on songwriting. Armed with her voice, piano, strings, and life experiences, Courtney takes us to a place where she is completely exposed not just as an artist, but as an individual, with emotional and intensely personal stories. The product is a gorgeous, ephemeral, melancholy journey through her mind and heart.
— Thomas Hatton, Proglodytes